Meeting Josh & Cass

Making Our Family


Josh & Cass

We’ve come a long way since Josh & Cass first became a family. We first met in 2005, took the next 6 years to fall in love, then married in 2011. We added a dog in 2014, then our son, Sam in 2015. We are passionate about each other, board games, and knitting- it is a family affair! Originally from North Dakota, we first moved to the "big city" to pursue our careers but ended up falling in love! We love our little family and want to expand the circle a little bigger!


Building a Family

We're Not Done Yet!


Who we are

We are a happy, full of love family, with a dog (Poodle, 4 years) and a large extended family. Our extended family lives in the metro and within driving distance- Sam has several young cousins who he plays with regularly! We go on family vacations and enjoy each other as often as we can. Our church community is also a large part of our world- play dates with friends and spending time with our community.


About our family

After years of trying to have a family the "old fashioned way", we came to the simple realization that there were lots of kids looking for a home- and our home is looking for its kids! We adopted Sam in 2015, and we are now excitedly looking for his baby sister. Our home, and hearts, are ready for her to arrive.


Family fun

We enjoy our family as much as possible. During the early spring we will take a family trip to the sunnier states, and during the summer we rent a cabin to spend some quality time together and enjoy the lake life. For fun, we play board games as a couple and with friends, take family walks, enjoy knitting or painting, and lots of healthy activities. We love life, and the people in our lives.